Thursday, 26 April 2012


We are learning to identify shapes.

Today we went on a shape hunt around the school and we were amazed at how many shapes we found in our playground.
We found circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.

Look at the photos to see what we found.......

We're going on a shape hunt.
We're going to find a big one.
What a beautiful day!
We're not scared.
Uh-uh!  A door!
A big red door.
We can't go over it,
We can't go under it.
Oh no!
We've got to go through it!

Oh no!
What's that?

Logan found a semi circle
Riley found a square

Anna found a circle.
It's a triangle

Tepatasi found a rectangle
Mac found a triangle
Lennon found a star shape in the classroom.

Logan a found a circle.
Then we found a shape with 6 sides.
Oh no!WHAT'S THAT................
Do you know? If you do post the answer.

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  1. oh how embarrassing, i had to google to find the answer to your question. Good one!